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About Us

As seasoned podcasters, we know that one of the biggest hurdles to starting a podcast is getting the right equipment. It can be a long process to figure out the right setup for your needs, research every item, and fit everything in your budget. That's why we created Best Podcasting Setup. We hope to help new podcasters get their equipment quickly and easily, so they can get to the good part - creating their podcast!

How We Pick The Best

Through years of podcasting experience, we have vetted each piece of equipment recommended on Best Podcasting Setup. Every item is high quality for its price point, so you can create professional sounding podcasts. We have even made recommendations for free products, so you can start creating with no budget. If podcasting is something you want to invest in, you can come back and get recommendations for equipment at a higher budget.

About Beth Gibbs

Beth Gibbs

Beth K. Gibbs is founder of Lift Podcasting where she helps people create engaging audio content to connect with their community and share their voice.

Beth has been producing podcasts since 2012 starting with the Stitcher Award-winning Go Fork Yourself podcast. She currently produces and co-hosts the podcast Totes Recall, and has worked with numerous other podcasts.

You can read more about Beth and Lift Podcasting here.

About Tim Bornholdt

Tim Bornholdt

Tim Bornholdt is the Chief Technology Officer for Bionic Giant, a nimble creative agency that partners with big organizations to help them innovate faster.

Tim is the editor of C Tolle Run, a podcast about running and fitness hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson, which has been around for more than a decade. He recently finished a 100+ episode run hosting Constant Variables where he explained technology to folks who don't see themselves as "tech people".

You can read more about Tim at his personal site.